365 Day Photo Challenge – Day 127

Half dwarf, half regular bloom!

On Day 122 of my posts (yes, just a few days ago) I posted a blog showing a dwarf tropical hibiscus bloom on the same plant as a regular bloom. It was a fraction of the size of the regular bloom, and gorgeous! Today I went outside to find a half and half bloom – half dwarf and half regular. It was all the same color, unlike the full dwarf bloom earlier in the week. Just like people’s genes can get a little confused sometimes, so can that of a plant!

Seeing these atypical blooms confirms the same view I have seeing people who are special and a little different than what we call ‘typical’. In my ‘real job’, I have met many individuals with Down syndrome, autism and other special needs. Typically my heart just melts, and I fall in love with these individuals who are so special in so many ways. For those of you reading this who don’t know me, I created a reading program specifically for individuals with Down syndrome and other learning differences. Different IS beautiful, and it is important to celebrate differences!

I have felt such joy in seeing this different bloom, and it enhances my belief that all of God’s creations are indeed beautiful – especially those that are ‘atypical’.

About denisemacdonald

I am a Canadian entrepreneur who has been spending the majority of my time between Canada and Panama, Central America. Living oceanfront, I am an 'investment consultant', predominantly in the area of real estate in the beaches areas. Photography is my hobby. In April, 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I will be sharing my journey here on these 'pages'. If you would like to learn more about "Triple Negative" breast cancer, please click onto http://www.tnbcfoundation.org/.
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