365 Day Photo Challenge – Day 18

Keeping an eye on each other 😉

There is a little bridge that I walk over during my typical 6km morning walk which goes over little dam. Every day I wish I had my camera with me to capture all the things I see in and around this little pond/lake, as it seems it is alive with creatures – particularly in the morning before it gets too hot. So… today I went back with my camera :-)!

It seems almost like a wildlife sanctuary, as I see amazing birds, crocodiles and/or caimans (a type of alligator) like the one in this photo pretty much every day. There is a fence that goes ‘most’ of the way across the bridge, but I’m sure these guys could hop the fence or get around it pretty easily if they were hungry enough. This guy was maybe 10 feet away from me, and we both kept a pretty good eye on each other as I snapped the photo. It is amazing just how prehistoric these creatures are – and that they have not become extinct!

About denisemacdonald

I am a Canadian entrepreneur who has been spending the majority of my time between Canada and Panama, Central America. Living oceanfront, I am an 'investment consultant', predominantly in the area of real estate in the beaches areas. Photography is my hobby. In April, 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I will be sharing my journey here on these 'pages'. If you would like to learn more about "Triple Negative" breast cancer, please click onto http://www.tnbcfoundation.org/.
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