Day of Exploring

Yesterday we began with a call from the family we are renting our home from. They asked if we would like to join them, as they were going to check on their parent’s newly acquired Casita in the hills near El Valle. We promptly accepted their invitation, and threw in our bathing suits in case we found a beach along the way. What a wonderful day we had!

On the way, we stopped at a roadside place and snacked on some cheese and chicken empanadas and fresh orange/pineapple juice – delicious! Then we continued on to the Casita with Jose Manuel, his wife Claudia and his father Jose Manuel Sr. There we received a bunch of plantains cut right from the tree, and saw our first cashew tree. It was a cute little place, and very peaceful in its surroundings.

From there we decided to find a beach so that we could finally put our feet in the ocean. We drove to a road that Jose Manuel had heard about via his surfing friend, and went in. We turned down a side road and although it didn’t lead us to the beach, we were brought to a cliff that looked down on the beach, the ocean, and all the amazing beauty that a view like that offers – it was breathtaking! After a few photos, we hopped back in the 4WD truck and headed back to find out how to get down to the actual beach. We found the right path nearby the surf school. Down we walked and came upon a river that lead to the Pacific Ocean. There we found a number of locals enjoying the coolness of the river, jumping off rocks into the water and enjoying the beautiful sunny afternoon. A few steps further was the beach and ocean. We practically had the place to ourselves, and you could walk miles up and down the beach, swallowing the view.

From there we walked back up to the surf school, where we got a cold drink and chatted with the Californian who was managing the school. He had just been stung by a sting-ray, the first time in the the 20+ years he had been surfing! We chatted with him, tried out the hammocks, changed out of our wet suits, and carried on.

Just off the highway, on the way to El Valle, we went back to a restaurant for Panamanian chicken soup called Sancocho. Each bowl of soup contained either a chicken breast, wing or leg and a big piece of something that resembled a potato (yama). Then you got a side order of rice, and poured the rice into the soup. Basically it was a chicken dinner in a bowl – all for $2.50 each!

We are so grateful to the Medico family for taking us under their wing and treating us just like family – they are wonderful, wonderful people! I hope you enjoy the photos of our day!

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